The main US stock ended the session with an increase

The main US stock indices grew moderately on Friday amid a cautious transition of investors into more risky assets after three days of decline in the market due to concerns about tensions between the United States and North Korea.

Consumer prices in the US remain weak for the fifth month in a row in July, which raised more questions about whether inflation will eventually rise to a 2% annual target of the Federal Reserve. The consumer price index rose 0.1% in July, according to the Ministry of Labor. Prices for food products in July rose by 0.2%, and energy prices – by 0.1%. The basic consumer price index, which excludes the volatile costs of food and energy, also increased by 0.1%. Economists had expected that the general consumer price index and the base index would increase by 0.2%.

Components of the DOW index finished the auction mixed (15 in positive territory, 15 in negative territory). The leader of growth was shares of Microsoft Corporation (MSFT, + 1.76%). Outsider were the shares of The Travelers Companies, Inc. (TRV, -1.11%).

Most sectors of the S & P index showed an increase. The technological sector grew most (+ 0.7%). The largest decrease was recorded by the utilities sector (-0.4%).

At closing:

Dow + 0.06% 21.858.05 +14.04

Nasdaq + 0.64% 6.256.56 +39.69

S & P + 0.13% 2,441.33 +3.12