Locking trading in the forex market or just hedging?

This strategy is not new, but, in my opinion, is not fully implemented among traders. In this blog, I will try to reveal its capabilities and discuss this strategy with traders of different professional level and length of trade. In general, my strategy – “Locking Trade” is implemented in the trading adviser BuySellProf, Free BuySellProf, BuySellProf Security, there is a detailed description of his work and video, but all the possibilities of this strategy will be described gradually, here are some of them – free signals Expert BuySellProf, BuySellProf Security, Expert BuySellProf 10

For 12 years of trading on the market, there have been a lot of interesting positive cases of implementing this strategy, for example, in one of the brokerage houses they gave an unregistered registration bonus of $ 8, and so, thanks to the locking positions, I managed to raise the deposit to $ 310.

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