November 2016

Since our previous analysis, gold has been trading sideways at the price fo $1,185.50. The yesterday analysis is still valid. Using the market profile analysis, I found a strong point of control at the price of $1,186.00. Anyway, I found the trading ra…

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Recently, EUR/NZD has been moving downwards. As I expected, the price tested the level of 1.4834 in a high volume. My downward target at the price of 1.4850 has been met. Using the market profile on the M30 time frame, I found that the price went from …

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EUR/USD 1.0500 (EUR 690m) 1.0550-55 (1.04bln) 1.0600 (750m) 1.0620 (517m) 1.0650-60 (1.06bln) 1.0795-1.0800 (866m) USD/JPY 110.00 (USD 781m) 111.00 (737m) 112.00 (1.57bln) 113.00 (566m) AUD/USD 0.7250 (AUD 811m) USD/CAD 1.3400 (USD 697m) 1.355…

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Be the First to Earn from the Key Event of the Month!Dear traders,

OPEC Summit is one of the key week events, which takes place on November 30 in Vienna. It begins at 9 a.m. GMT and features the issue of oil production reduction. A press conference, where the OPEC leaders are to announce their decision, starts at 3 p.m. GMT.

Reduction of oil production will cause growth of Brent, WTI and EUR/USD quotes. Any outcome would trigger strong movement of on both oil and currency markets, as oil is quoted in US currency.

Do you want to find out OPEC’s final decision? Discover it today!

Principal analyst of FreshForex company, Alexander Goryachev.

Good luck in trading!
FreshForex — fresh view on money!

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