July 2016

GBPUSD – Flat Four-hours chart of GBPUSD. Buyers managed to hold the price on (1/8). It is too early to talk about the reversal scenario, since we have no confirmation such as consolidation above the four-hours Supertrend Line or above (2/8). But fro…

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Daily chart: ADX in the active trend zone, which means that bearish potential remains.

Н4: a strong support around 100.47 (the lower Bollinger band) – the pair is dropping against the declining oscillator and ADX. This means that sellers do not have the trend component in the movement.

Н1: the bullish Over&Under with the entry point on support 100.47

The main scenario – drop to ​​100.47 and then rise to 101.54 and perhaps, 101.93

The alternative scenario – drop under 100.00

Trading solutions: put Buy Limit orders from 100.50 to 101.50

You may check other analytical reviews on the web-site of FreshForex company. Source: freshforex.com.

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Daily chart: ADX is not in the trend zone, but is growing rapidly. This allows bears rely on finalization of the lower Bollinger band (1.2742). We’ll see at the younger charts, how high can a pre-correction be.

Н4: the pair is heavily oversold here, but ADX is very active as well, so we expect continuation of downward.

Н1: local ADX is weak and a flat omni-directional corridor within Bollinger envelopes (1.2871-1.2986)

The main scenario – consolidation around 1.2871-1.2986

The alternative script scenario – decline to 1.2742

Solutions: looking for Sell options to 1.2871 and possibly to 1.2742

You may check other analytical reviews on the web-site of FreshForex company. Source: freshforex.com.

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Daily chart: very weak ADX, so the pair is likely to continue wandering inside the bottom Bollinger envelope (1.1001-1.1214), and it is unlikely that it will test borders of this corridor, too.

Н4: a better expressed horizontal range 1.1045-1.1177.

Н1: another well expressed horizontal rangeinside the Bollinger envelopes (1.1067-1.1110)

Expectations: so, we expect flat 1.1067-1.1110

Solutions: in such range, game isn’t worth the candle

You may check other analytical reviews on the web-site of FreshForex company. Source: freshforex.com.

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How did a trader increase deposit in 111 times in June?Dear traders,

Summer is the right time for going on a vacation, gardening and just relaxing. In the first month of the hot season, FreshForex clients did not have a rest and traded in full force. We share the results!

The most active client had 1 195 trades in June. He traded on majors and indexes without any help of advisors.

Best trading result of the month is $183 891. The owner of the immodest sum confidently traded currency pairs, metals and indexes.

Female part of traders showed a maguc growth: a client traded on majors and indexes, and increased her deposit in 111 times! Despite six Stop Outs, she was able not only to recover the lost money, but also to increase it in 10 times during a month.

Do not afraid of the market volatility as well! Connect to the new promo “Tradable Bonus 101%” and get up to 101% each time you deposit. Bonus helps you to cope with drawdown and increase trading volume.

-$220 825 is the worst result of the month. The client traded on many instruments: currency pairs, indexes, energies and metals. The greatest loss came after GAP on the index #DAX30.

On the golden pedestal of the best trades of June is the sum of $4 600. The trader opened a long position on silver with 2 lots and kept order in the market for about 2 days.

The worst trade of the month was the long position on EUR/USD with the volume of 0.25 lot, which was opened in 2014. The two-year stay in the market ended with loss – $7 146.

Make up your own portfolio of profitable instruments, using our Forex heatmap.

See you in a monthly FreshForex report in July!

Good luck in trading!
FreshForex — fresh view on money!

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Swap or Swap free — it is up to youDear traders,

Today, the Muslim world celebrates the feast of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan.

Regardless of religion, our clients can use any trading strategy. You can trade both intra-day and open long-term positions with swaps or open a Swap Free account.

With the help of this service, you will always know a fixed commission for rollover. Protect yourself from floating positive or negative swaps.

 Swap or Swap free — it is up to you


Good luck in trading!
FreshForex — fresh view on money!

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 Changes in the CFD trading scheduleDear Client,

In connection with the celebration of Independence Day in the USA on July 4, 2016, there will be changes in the schedule of trading sessions.

It is a big federal holiday of celebrating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the 13 American colonies regarded themselves as a new nation, the United States of America, and no longer part of the British Empire.

Trading schedule:


Trading time
July 4 (Monday)
Regular trading mode
CFD on indexes #DAX30, #ESTX50, #CAC40, #FTSE100, #ASX, #HSI
Regular trading mode
CFD on indexes #DJI30, #SP500, #NQ100, #NIKKEI
Early closing at 20:00 EEST
CFD on precious metals
Early closing at 20:00 EEST
CFD on energies
Early closing at 19:30 EEST
CFD on shares (NYSE, NASDAQ)
Trading is closed
CFD on shares (MICEX)
Regular trading mode


EEST — Eastern European Summer Time (the Company’s trading server time).

On July 5, 2016 trading goes as normal.

Please take into account these changes in schedule when planning your activity on financial markets. In the case of liquidity decline of instruments, the company has a right to put trading on hold.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our client support or your personal manager.

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